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System creator which contributes towards environmental reformation and labor saving in plants.

This is a high performance separator which achieved 98 percent of de-oiling rate by unique technological development. (* Our set-up conditions) The wing is established in the internal basket, and high de-oiling rate was achieved by removing chips by a differential reducer. It greatly
contributes not only to
recover various coolants
for environmental measur
es but also to improve
yield ratio of aluminum
recovery. In addition,
the maintenance, noise and vibration are especially taken care of.
Please feel free to contact us for chip processing and the centrifugal separator.

This is the type of conveyor which carries small chips in tightly sealed position. It can be installed freely irrespective of the plant layout. This is a three-dimensional piping type conveyor and its primary objective is to carry small pieces of chips. Besides chips, it can also be used to carry industrial waste and
garbage. Various shapes like curves, right angle, and U-turns etc. can be combined. This can be installed in existing plants and machines and provides

clean conveyance. It specializes in chips processing. In addition, the inquiries for centrifugal separators are accepted.
This is the type of conveyor which
transits relatively big chips. Our
original design of preventive
mechanism against the inclusion is adopted.
For more information
It is effective in processing big chips.
Rotary crusher is a crusher
which crushes the scrap from
cutting operations with a special steel hammer. It removes foreign substance such as bolts.
Chip crusher and the centrifugal separator for chip processing are available.
The oil is removed from scrap
with labor saving manner. It
conveys while oil is collected.
This is a general-purpose conveyor which is appropriate for relay conveyance. Also, it is installed with ease.
Storage hopper is a reservoir
which can store recovered
chips, and this can be loaded on the tracks in just one touch of button.
Arrow power is small,
low-cost, and maintenance
free single shaft type crusher.
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